Assisting people: Life Transitions, Military, PTSD, Addicitons, Attachments or phobias to people,
places and things that disturb your well being, Relationships: affairs, D/s, open, LGBTQ, Unique/Oddities, 
Privacy issues can be discussed, Telephone and Video therapy, Cash and Insurance clients welcome. 


April Brobston LPC, IRCADC     Pathways Counseling 


Stress can cause us to feel a lot of different emotions. Sometimes we act angry with we are hurt or depressed when we are angry. Emotions are real. How we deal with them is important. Are you experiencing stress regarding  Specializing in Relationship issues of all kinds for both singles and couples, assisting people in their Life transitions, Military, PTSD,  Addicitons, Attachments to people, places and things that disturb your well being. Relationship (affairs, D/s, open) issues, LGBTQ, 

Unique/Oddities, Privacy issues, Telephone and Video therapy, Cash and Insurance clients. 

Here is the top ten list of life stressors 

1. Death of a spouse

2. Jail sentence

3. Death of immediate family member

4. Immediate family member commits suicide

5. Getting into debt beyond means of repayment

6. Period of homelessness

7. Immediate family member seriously ill

8. Unemployment (of head of household)

9. Divorce and attachment issues

10. Break up of family 

11. Counseling Couples

12. Addictions: alcohol, drugs, people, places and things. Recovery support. Treatment referrals

It makes sense that if you are experiencing any stressful life events that this can increase your anxiety and possibly increase your risk for accidents, arguments, medical and mental illness. If you are going through any of these difficult life challenges it is important to your overall well being that you do seek help from a life coach or mental health practitioner to get help for dealing with these life changing events. It is probably also a good idea to see your doctor for guidance as to how to prevent physical illness related to such stressors. I will do what I can to help to provide information, resources, and support to help you get through life’s many challenges.