Pathways Counseling 

           Assisting people: Life Transitions, Military, PTSD, Addicitons, Attachments or phobias to people, places and things           
            that disturb your well being, Relationships: affairs, D/s, M/s, Open, Poly, LGBTQ, Unique/Oddities,
              High profile/Privacy clients, Telephone and Video therapy, Cash and Insurance clients welcome.


High profile clients, military, clergy, politicians, professionals. performers and people who feel they need a higher level of privacy, may pay cash for Office or Video-chat. This will give you NO diagnosis and no use of insurance. It will afford you easy access to LIFE COACHING by a person who has my resume. If you want a direct, intelligent and straight forward life coach who will not string you along for more money and will shoot straight with you, please call. 

I am PROUD to serve these and more: Military, LGBTQ, Multi-Cultural, Spirituality, Religiosity, Addicts, Co-dependents, Ultra conservative/Left/Right, Highly Private individual and families, open and closed unions, D/s relationships.


I provide support to individuals and couples in their process of exploring a new path to get their needs met instead of the repetition of negative solutions. Being in the mental health field, I have worked with people who have been encouraged to seek support in finding a way to live a more productive life. Sometimes, that means dealing with past, current or future life stressors to make  more stable long term decisions now and to discover more options before making decisions. I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my client's individual needs. Together the client and I work on the client's personal growth.


Life Coaching and Psychotherapy

Often people who see me have been suffering for some time, have considered therapy, but have postponed this decision because they felt ashamed that they needed help.  Beginning therapy is a courageous, positive step toward changing repetitive unrewarding behaviors into a life with more gratification professionally and personally.  With proper attention through therapy, our deepest wishes, fears, and hopes can surface. Often people say that they have awareness, but their behavior doesn't match up or change accordingly. This is often due to intellectual insight that is not yet integrated with emotional awareness. Emotional awareness can enable an individual to reduce symptoms, and resolve conflicts.


Individual/Couples Counseling

In my practice I offer individual and couples counseling.

  • Communication Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Recuperating from affairs and mishandling of commitments