Pathways Counseling 

           Assisting people: Life Transitions, Military, PTSD, Addicitons, Attachments or phobias to people, places and things           
            that disturb your well being, Relationships: affairs, D/s, M/s, Open, Poly, LGBTQ, Unique/Oddities,
              High profile/Privacy clients, Telephone and Video therapy, Cash and Insurance clients welcome.

After you get clean and sober, now what?

I specialize in helping individuals and couples recover from the aftermath of addiction.  Sometimes, even people in long term sobriety struggle with life stresses, employment difficulties, family crisis and relationship issues.  Recovery from addiction to any person or intense relationship, behavior, feeling, environment, alcohol or drug can cause:

  • Low self-esteem: self exploration and personal growth
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief: loss of a loved one, job or finances
  • Suicidal impulses
  • Relationship problems: communication skills, healing after an affair
  • Confusion
  • Coping with health issues
  • Job stress

The life coaching and counseling that I do is to work with a client’s emotional well-being and overall daily and social functioning. I will work with clients to improve their sense well-being, mental stability, quality of life, as well as develop strengths and achieve life goals.

I specialize in helping clients with the aftermath of addiction. Even people in long term sobriety struggle with life stresses: employment, family and relationship issues and past trauma. People in recovery from addiction to any person, place or thing can sometimes experience: low self-esteem, agitation, anxiety, depression, grief, suicidal impulses, and relationship problems. Living a life without the aid of a drug when that is what the client has done for years, can be a massive challenge and overwhelming. Living life is an art form, really. I encourage clients to get into life, seek a stable environment to live and job to be self-supporting, to explore long term career choices, repair family systems and get involved in the community making new friends. If living life on life’s terms was not taught in the first place or emotional growth was stunted for some reason especially from chemicals (alcohol is a drug ETOH), it can be difficult to make mature decisions. That is what I am here for. As the brain, body and emotions heal, I help clients look at options and make healthier decisions than they might make otherwise.

Sober Support Escort to events or travel to treatment: $200.00 per hour for events: days, evenings, weekends and holidays. $1200.00 per day for over night and 24 hour travel including all travel expenses.