Pathways Counseling 

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Let me help you discover the steps to guide you on your path to a more satisfying life.

My job is helping people recover from depression, anger and anxiety from life's experiences, gain self-confidence, become more successful and feel more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives. I began my work in counseling in the State of Washington where I had been a registered counselor and life coach since 2001.The roots of my orientation are in Adlerian, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and 12 Step philosophy.



Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Tennessee License # LPC003731)

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Illinois License #180.009271)

                                           Certified Reciprocal Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor (Illinois Certification #30500)                                                                                   International Certification for Alcohol and Drug Counseling (#709998)

                                           Certified Domestic Violence Counselor Certification (Washington State)

                                           Certified Anger Management Counselor (Washington State)


  • Hazelden Foundation in Center City, Minnesota offering world renowned individual and group addictions therapy and case management to high profile clients, overseeing client's care inpatient treatment, outpatient and aftercare. 
  • Carl Landerholm Counseling Services and YWCA in Vancouver, Washington serving victims and perpetrators who were appointed by the court for services that included individual and group therapy regarding charges of domestic abuse/violence and was accountable to probation or parole officers.   
  • Pacific Crest Consortium in Vancouver, Washington  serving Drug Courts clients providing therapeutic services for outpatient drug and alcohol treatment that included individual and group therapy. 
  • Northwest Counseling Associates in Vancouver, Washington  providing therapeutic services for outpatient drug and alcohol treatment that included individual and group therapy as well as assisted in outreach to Russian Community that required chemical abuse, anger management and domestic violence treatment services
  • Portland Air National Guard Union in Portland, Oregon serving as a Union Steward helping mediate disgruntled employee/employer relationships successfully and without suit.



  • Alfred Adler Graduate School: LCPC requirement courses
  • Hazelden Graduate School of Addictions Studies: Masters Degree in Addiction Studies
  • Warner Pacific College: Bachelors degree in Human Development
  • Many various seminars, classes and retreats to keep abreast of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial education to better serve my clients and my own life. I love to learn. 


I am dedicated to helping people with life disruptions and anxieties that include relationships anxieties and substance abuse to discover new thought processes and behaviors that work better for you. My primary purpose is to enhance motivation to change as well as explore spiritual principles to promote wellness. Helping others take the steps to a better life, is my passion.


I take a whole person approach to one's healing process. This means I promote that what ever the anxiety, it affects the client's health: physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually. 


  • Knox County Mental Human Services Council
  • NAADAC - The National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals
  • American Counseling Association
  • American Mental Health Clinician Association
  • Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States