Pathways Counseling 

           Life Transitions, Addictions: people, places and things           
 that disturb your well being, LGBTQ+, Religions,  Military, PTSD,
High profile/Privacy/Cash, Insurance, Telehealth,

Expert Witness

I can save you valuable time and money. My skills, knowledge, education and willingness to travel can be put to use as an essential element of any legal team to:
  • Review and analyze medical records and other documents to determine their         relevance to your case
  • Identify drug seeking behavior
  • Identify recovery behavior
  • Identify and strengthen the credibility of your case 
  • Identify adherence to and deviation from the applicable standards of care
  • Help assess injury medications and dosages
  • Point out potential defendants downfalls in front of judge and jury
  • Serve as your liaison by interviewing and preparing clients, key witnesses, and other experts in image consultation and                     formation
  • Prepare questions for deposition or trial examination (direct and cross)
  • Facilitate preparation of exhibits and other demonstrative evidence