Assisting people: Life Transitions, Military, PTSD, Addicitons, Attachments or phobias to people,
places and things that disturb your well being, Relationships: affairs, D/s, open, LGBTQ, Unique/Oddities, 
Privacy issues can be discussed, Telephone and Video therapy, Cash and Insurance clients welcome. 


April Brobston LPC, IRCADC     Pathways Counseling 



Life coaching and mental health counseling can markedly improve a person's emotional well-being and overall daily and social functioning. Through a strong and trustful therapeutic relationship, healing and personal growth are made possible. My MISSION is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients address current life challenges and long-standing problems. I help individuals find resolutions to a wide range of personal concerns. The therapeutic relationship is key in supporting the healing and growth process. I offer quality life coaching and therapy with discretion, sensitivity, care, and integrity.  I will work with you to improve your sense well-being, stability and quality of life, as well as develop strengths and achieve life goals. You will feel VALUED, VALIDATED and SUPPORTED. 

Specializing in addictions and in relationship issues of all kinds for both singles and couples, assisting people in their life transitions.  

Although our work together can be hard work that requires the commitment of time, financial resources, and energy, the rewards can be life-changing. Trust me, you can afford it. Don't wait to call. If you need help, claim it. I'm here to help.