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Pathways Tele-Health Life Coach and Psychotherapist


April Brobston

Suicidal Ideation, LGBT, De-trans support, PTSD, Poly, Quest for Spiritual Growth, 

Death and Dying Support, Addiction Recovery Support

Discretion for High Profile

The Background

Glad you are here.  Anxious? Afraid? Angry?

My MISSION is to provide information and options regarding the most beneficial way to improve or resolve your stressful situation. Whichever best serves your needs, I offer quality life coaching or psychotherapy with discretion, sensitivity, care, and integrity based on over 25 years of being in the helping field. I pay close attention to your needs in the moment and for your long-term goals. You will receive encouragement, practical feedback to address current life challenges and/or long-standing problems and resolutions to a wide range of personal, legal and professional concerns. I will work with you to improve your sense well-being, stability, and quality of life, as well as develop strengths and achieve life goals. Although our work together requires commitment of time, energy and financial resources, the rewards can be life-changing. All of this so that you may truly LIVE your life and not just get by. 


The Pros and Cons of Video/Tele-health


  1. The ability to have therapy in a place you are most comfortable.

  2. If you are home-bound, don’t drive, or can’t make it to an office for a variety of reasons, this provides an excellent alternative.

  3. Reduces drive time, creating more convenience for you, saves time and on gas. If you can’t make it back and forth to the office for a 1 hour appointment with/including drive time, this is a great alternative to make that appointment happen because simple Tele-Health will save you time.

  4. Many insurances are starting to pay for online counseling services, so clients can use insurance benefits. It is recommended that you check with each individual insurance provider to see what the insurance covers.

  5. If you travel out of the area they can still attend sessions.


  1. Issues with technology can interrupt valuable session time. You can lose connectivity right in the middle of something important you are saying.

  2. The cable company can be working down the street and the internet goes completely out. This is why it is important to have alternate options, like hopping on a phone to complete the session.

  3. Things occurring in their environment can distract you.

  4. When it comes to phone sessions the therapist can’t see certain important non-verbal cues. The therapist might have to ask you to describe your feelings, thoughts and actions in more detail than in a face-to-face session.

  5. You may not always be the best at noticing or protecting their own confidentiality.      

  • Life Coaching Clients
    Some people do not need deep psychotherapy and a life coach is just the right fit. As well, I often get clients who know that if their insurance company or human resources department leaked that they were in counseling, it could cause a problem. There have been people who lost the trust of boards, bosses
    , peers and clients when they caught wind that they were seeing a therapist (when what they needed was a coach). If this sounds like it is the case for you:

  • Coaching and Cash Client Prices: Credit card

  • Check-in sessions, Relaxation/Meditation, refresher, check-in, text communication (up to 15 minutes) $35.00

  • alf session (up to 30 minutes) 65.00

  • Full session (up to 60 minutes) 130.00

  • Cancellations

I do not double-book or overbook. The scheduled time is reserved for you. If you do not show up or fail to cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged $50.00. For chronic no-shows that are still committed to self-improvement, the charge will hold your appointment reservation no questions asked, and no pressure.

Insurance Clients

I am an approved provider for Anthem, BCBS of TN, Chestnut EAP, CIGNA, ComPsych, Magellan, TRIWEST-VCP, Aetna, HNFS , United Health Care-Live & Work Well, HealthAlliance, HealthLink, TRICARE/HUMANA, Wellpoint, Military Care, Military One Source, VA/OPTUM, Allied


Please call the 1-800 number on the back of your insurance card for more information.  Your health insurance or employee benefit plan may cover services in full, part, or not at all. Co-pays and deductibles are paid before the session begins.

When you call them, Ask:
Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
What is my deductible and has it been met?
How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
Does my company have an EAP that will offer free sessions? How many?
What is the coverage amount per therapy session?

Is approval required from my primary care physician?

  • About me

  • My goal is the exploration of what is challenging you from having a satisfying life.

  • We will work together to improve or recover from depression, anger, anxiety, identity confusion, poor self-image and help you find your place in this world.

  • You will learn how to build ways to sustain: healthy boundaries, self-image, self-confidence, and feel more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives.

  • You will gain insight into the life disruptions and anxieties that may include relationship anxieties, self-insight, and substance abuse to discover new thought processes and behaviors that work better for you. My primary purpose is to enhance "motivation to change" as well as if you like, explore spiritual principles to promote wellness. Helping others take the steps to a better life, is my passion.

  • I take a whole-person approach to one's healing process. This means I promote that whatever the anxiety that affects the client's health: physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually. 


  • Drug and alcohol recovery and support: education, encouragement.

  • I specialize in trauma, suicidal ideation, recovery, and image consultation for appearances.

  • I've been working with clients from the LGBTQ+ community since 1992.

  • Ask for pricing regarding Sober Escort services to attend functions to enhance and sustain sobriety and social stability, learn and keep healthy boundaries, rebuild family and professional image as well as an emotional, mental and spiritual condition.

  • The roots of my orientation are in Adlerian, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and 12 Step philosophy.

  • Support in exploring self-identity including exploring Transitioning and De-transition


  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Tennessee License # LPC003731)

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Illinois License #180.009271)

  • Certified Reciprocal Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor (Illinois Certification #30500)

  • International Certification for Alcohol and Drug Counseling (#709998)

  • Certified Domestic Violence Counselor Certification (Washington State)

  • Certified Anger Management Counselor (Washington State)

  • Experience

  • Individual and couples therapy

  • Image consultation: body language, speech, appearance

  • Private Practice since 2011

  • Independent Contractor since 2001

  • Hazelden Foundation in Center City, Minnesota offering world renowned individual and group addictions therapy and case management to high profile clients, overseeing client's care inpatient treatment, outpatient and aftercare. 

  • Carl Landerholm Counseling Services and YWCA in Vancouver, Washington, independent contractor: serving victims and perpetrators who were appointed by the court for services that included individual and group therapy regarding charges of domestic abuse/violence and was accountable to probation or parole officers   

  • Pacific Crest Consortium in Vancouver, Washington serving Drug Courts clients providing therapeutic services for Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment that included individual and group therapy and inpatient deaf addiction center 

  • Northwest Counseling Associates in Vancouver, Washington  providing therapeutic services for outpatient drug and alcohol treatment that included individual and group therapy as well as assisted in the creation of first outpatient alcohol treatment outreach to serve the Russian Community

  • Portland Air National Guard Portland, Oregon serving as a a warehouse journeyman, Union Steward helping mediate disgruntled employee/employer relationships successfully and without suit, Nashville, TN as a First Sergeant.

  • Education

  • Alfred Adler Graduate School: LCPC requirement courses

  • Hazelden Graduate School of Addictions Studies: Masters Degree in Addiction Studies

  • Warner Pacific College: Bachelors degree in Human Development

  • Many various seminars, classes and retreats to keep abreast of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial education to better serve my clients and my own life. I love to learn. 

  • Affiliations: 

  • Knox County Mental Health and Human Services Council

  • NAADAC - The National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals

  • American Counseling Association

  • American Mental Health Clinician Association

  • Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States

  • NACDL - National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Education, Events & Resources, News & Policy Priorities

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